Drive School of Motivation

A school that fosters motivation, balance and life mastery

Drive School of Motivation

About the school

We are an international special needs school where we speak both English and Danish.

We offer individually organized education with a holistic focus to students from 0-10 grade. The aim is to help them find their own drive.

We aim for safe and happy students who are thriving both in their families and at school. Students who learn to master their lives and develop their own skills.

Find our official teaching agreement with Billund municipality here.

Find the report from the education inspection from Billund municipality here.

Find the calendar for the 2023/24 school year here.

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Our students

Our target group is typically intelligent students with special needs and challenges, such as ADHD, ADD, OCD, or ASD.

However, all of them have either social, personal or academic challenges that affect their well-being.

Many of them have lost their motivation and desire to participate in various aspects of life.

They need specialized support for a period of their lives in order to regain their motivation.

Our values

Our work with the students is founded on three core values:

Perfectly Special

All children are perfect in their own unique way. We therefore meet our students where they are – as opposed to where some people may think they should be. We give them the opportunity to actively participate with their individual prerequisites and competencies.

Connecting Dots

With a holistic approach, we involve children and parents in creating the best possible school. We foster collaboration and connect the dots between different parties, such as the municipality and the family.

Seriously Playful

We believe in play, motivation and co-creation. There is crucial learning in play and activities where creativity, body and mind come into play. We therefore incorporate play – in the broadest sense of the word – into all our programs.

Parental collaboration

In order to create the best school life for our students, we prioritize a well-functioning parent/teacher collaboration.

A good and safe relationship between the family and the school is simply crucial. Trustful communication is a means to meet students in the best possible way.

As a family at our school, you will be connected to one of the staff members who will follow you and your child’s development closely.

Another way we keep the collaboration intact is via quarterly status and follow-up meetings.

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More than just a school

At Drive, school is about more than just teaching or academic growth.

It is about friendships and being part of a community. We want to create a sense of belonging that makes the school a warm and secure place to be – not just for students but for the entire family and all families together.

We want parents to actively engage and participate in their child’s school life. Among other things, we therefore offer various events during the school year:


Useful and enlightning talks for parents only. Drive-in-Talks take place in the evening and offer relevant content that deal with children and family life.


Afternoon and evenings where the entire family enjoy a meal together at the school. It is an oppurtunity to meet other families and students.


Open house afternoons where parents or relatives are welcome to visit the school, have a cup of coffee/tea, and see the daily activities ”on-site”.

Find an overview of the rest of the 2022 school year here and the 2022/23 school year here.

Teaching, pedagogy and psychology

Our motivation is to make a difference for the individual student and help him or her rediscover their inner drive.

We make it possible for each student to participate and co-create with whatever abilities and prerequisites they bring to the table. Everyone is right in their own way. Everyone fits in.

Through tailored teaching, pedagogy and psychology, we help students unleash their potential. To go as far as possible with the competencies they have.

Drive Club

We have morning club for our youngest students and an afternoon club program for everyone.

In our club program, we offer opportunities to engage in meaningful sparetime activities and communities.

Our club provides students with tailored activities and opportunities for play, immersion, learning and movement – all of which are central to the development of children and young people.

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