A full circle around the child

School is important, but it is not everything.
At Drive, we strive to build great conditions for children, their spare time and family lives.


Programs for professionals

With specialised programs, we empower professionals in their work with mentally vulnerable or at-risk children and families.

Tailored programs – supervision and education

We offer both individual case supervision and staff supervision. Our emphasis lies in cultivating a contextual and holistic understanding, guiding our approach to the child’s well-being.

We offer customised training programs, providing a collective professional competence boost in an entire staff group. This ensures that you acquire precise knowledge and skills needed for your development and daily practice.

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Training courses and after-work meetings

In our courses, you will acquire in-depth insights into specific topics that foster new perspectives in your professional practice. Each course ensures you receive theoretical knowledge, practical tools, and methods directly applicable to your work.

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At our after-work meetings, you will gain a succinct yet professionally insightful overview of current topics, relevant tools, and ample opportunities for sharing experiences and networking.

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