A full circle around the child

School is important, but it is not everything.
At Drive, we strive to build great conditions for children, their spare time and family lives.


Consulting Services

We offer a range of consulting services, all of which aim to help children and young people with special needs and their families in better well-being. Whether the challenges are academic, social, personal or psychological. Services include:

Psychological assessments

We assist the process around psychological testing and assessment of children and adolescents. Such programs offer conclusions on studies, possible diagnoses and recommendations for interventions and therapy. Recommendations range from parent training, network meetings, psycho-education to medical treatment

Dyslexia screening and diagnostic assessment

We screen and diagnose dyslexia. With the information from the diagnostic assessment we will help identify the type of support the student needs in different contexts. We can carry out the screening and diagnostic assessment in English (e.g. to English speaking students).

Counselling to schools

We help mainstream schools that have students who need individual support to thrive better in their school. The aim is to build motivation and work with alternative learning methods. We provide advice to teachers regarding social and academic inclusion in class and at the school.


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